Since 2004, a group of artists from Queenscliff Rural Australians for Refugees has created a series of exhibitions that were shown both locally and throughout regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. The exhibitions attracted many thousands of visitors, and played a significant role in bringing about community awareness and stimulating change around asylum issues.

The inspiration for these exhibitions came from witnessing the heartache and despair faced by asylum seekers who had been imprisoned in Australia’s notorious Immigration Detention prisons.  The first exhibition ,”Pillows of Tears”, told the stories of those whose voices could not be heard from behind the razor-wire.

Subsequent exhibitions  ,”Beyond Tears” and “Tears from the Heart”, focused on other aspects of Australia’s refugee policies: the cruel Temporary Protection Visas with no family re-union; the forced returns to danger; the plight of those trapped in dangerous homelands; and the reasons for seeking asylum.

Now it is time for the artists to present their fourth exhibition ‘Out of the Darkness’

The exhibition is presented as a large installation combining paintings, fibres, graphics, photography, sculpture and text. 

 The artists hope that this powerful and beautiful exhibition will encourage us to re-affirm our commitment to our core values, to honour the UN Refugee Convention that Australia has signed, and to confirm that we, as a humane and caring society, can shine a light in the darkness.