POP UP ACTION protesting the SRSS cuts

THIS Saturday 22 December at 10am – at the Franklin Street reserve sculpture (roundabout where Queen St. meets Franklin St. near the Vic markets).  

This action will draw attention to the cruel policy of the Government to withdraw income support and housing assistance to vulnerable refugee families (cuts to the SRSS payment). Hundreds of families are facing destitution, as charities struggle to assist them to keep a roof over their head, and to feed their children. 

This will be a brief action – about 45 minutes – to make a statement, and to get some images to help raise awareness on social media.  

Not sure where it is? Take the Elizabeth Street tram to Vic Market and walk up Franklin Street – or the train to Flagstaff and walk to Queens Street – or park at Victoria Market.

Bring signage eg:

Dignity Not Destitution for Refugees  

PM Morrison takes away income support for refugees  

Everyone needs a roof over their head  

Everyone needs to eat. 

See further information re this issue at

If you would like to donate to assist the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project to support some of these people go to