End Detention – Free the Refugees


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Photographs taken at refugee rights rallies in Melbourne 2005-2019. Copyright Paul Dunn.

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If you had to choose between feeding your family and paying the rent, what would you do? Sadly, thousands of people seeking asylum in Australia are making this heartbreaking choice because they are unable to find employment, and do not receive any Centrelink payments. Refugee Council of Australia has published research RCOA data summary showing the extent of this crisis, with 70% skipping meals and over half at imminent risk of homelessness, while GPs are treating kids for malnutrition. As our country begins to recover from this crisis, our leaders must ensure there is #NobodyLeftBehind. Call and email senator.ruston@aph.gov.au to ask her to provide basic income support for people seeking asylum. Phone: 1300 857 022. ...
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Joim Ramsiyar and other refugees who will show you the inside of the Park Hotel, where they are imprisoned behind tinted windows, and then discuss what we can do to free them. ...
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